Bacteriology Research Conference and Journal Club

Bacteriology Research Conference (BRC) and Journal Club (JC)

Do not cancel- switch dates with someone else.

Friday August 11, 2017 @ Noon (2-201)

Formats: JC short, JC long, Round table, BRC (lab meeting)

Participants: Ken Peterson, David McGee, Stan Ivanov, Matthew Woolard, Lynn Harrison, Marlyn Langford , Cassidy Blackburn, Patrick Gellings, Aimee Vozenilek.

Fall 2017

Aug 18 JC long: David McGee

Aug 25 BRC: McGee Lab- Patrick Gellings

Sept 1 Open

Sept 8 JC short- Cassidy Blackburn

Sept 15 JC long: Stan Ivanov

Sept 22 Open

Sept 29 JC long: Patrick Gellings

Oct 6 JC short: Aimee Vozenilek

Oct 13 Open (Poster preview/review for ASM meeting?)

Oct 20 No meeting (ASM South Central Branch Meeting, Little Rock, AR)

Oct 27 Round table: Aimee Vozenilek

Nov 3 Open

Nov 10 JC long: Cassidy Blackburn

Nov 17 BRC:Woolard Lab- Aimee Vozenilek

Nov 24 No meeting (Thanksgiving break)

Dec 1 JC short: Patrick Gellings

Dec 8 BRC: Harrison Lab- Lynn Harrison

Dec 15 Bacteriology lunch

Dec 22 No meeting- Christmas break

Dec 29 No meeting- Christmas break

Spring 2018

Jan 5 Open

Jan 12 BRC: McGee Lab- Patrick Gellings

Jan 19 JC short: Cassidy Blackburn

Jan 26 JC long: Aimee Vozenilek

Feb 2 BRC: Woolard Lab- Cassidy Blackburn

Feb 9 JC long: Matthew Woolard

Feb 16 Open

Feb 23 JC short: Patrick Gellings

Mar 2 Round table: Cassidy Blackburn

Mar 9 JC short: Aimee Vozenilek

Mar 16 JC long: Ken Peterson

Mar 23 Open

Mar 30 No meeting- Good Friday

Apr 6 Round table: Patrick Gellings

Apr 13 Open

Apr 20 BRC: Woolard Lab- Aimee Vozenilek

Apr 27 JC long: Lynn Harrison

May 4 BRC: Langford Lab- Marlyn Langford

May 11 JC long: Marlyn Langford

May 18 BRC: McGee Lab- Patrick Gellings

May 25 Open

Jun 1 Open

Jun 8 Open

Jun 15 Open

Jun 22 Open

Bacteriology Research Conference (BRC): This is a 30-40 minute research in progress in your lab with time for questions.  It can be quality data, preliminary data, request for troubleshooting on research areas stuck, incomplete stories, future directions to take the research, feedback on specific aims for a grant, etc.

Journal Club (JC): Journal articles should be from well-established high impact journals such as ASM journals (Infect. Immun., J. Bacteriol., AAC, JCM), Mol. Microbiol., mBio, Science, PNAS, Nature, Cell, BMC, PLOS, J. Infect. Dis, J. Exp. Med, etc.  Articles must be under two years old and have at least five figures. 

JC Short presentations- These should be 10 minutes in length, on topics pertaining to Bacteriology.  You should have a very short, focused background, followed by presentation of highly pertinent data from the literature (can be key figures of multiple papers) or present a model for a well-defined area based on published data, with possible future areas to address.  No Powerpoint is to be used- use the white board or handouts. 

JC Long presentations- This is the classic Journal Club format we have been using and should be about 45-50 minutes in length on a topic pertaining to Bacteriology, usually focused on 1-2 literature articles.  These can be done with Powerpoint and should have more developed background and more in depth presentation of the topic/paper from the literature.  Critiques of the paper’s weaknesses should also be included in the presentation.

Round Table Discussions- A Discussion Leader will choose the topic, which should be well-focused on a topic in Bacteriology.  One could discuss controversial data with two or more labs on different sides of the argument, or other ideas.  The Discussion Leader will organize the topic and disperse the topic 1 week ahead through the Course Director and provide the audience with thought-provoking questions.  The Discussion Leader gives a brief background and then poses the questions to the audience for discussion in a relaxed and informal environment.  At the end of the discussion, the Discussion Leader should briefly review and summarize.