Faculty List

Michelle M. Arnold , Ph.D
Assistant Professor



Major Research Interests: Rotavirus-host interactions, innate immune signaling pathways, host antiviral response, ubiquitin-conjugation system

Jason M. Bodily, Ph.D
Assistant Professor


Major Research Interests: Human papillomavirus pathogenesis, viral-host interactions, viral oncogenesis

Robert P. Chervenak, Ph.D.


Major Research Interests: T Lymphocyte Development

Lindsey M. Hutt-Fletcher, Ph.D.
Professor Emeritus


Major Research Interests: Role of Epstein Barr Virus Envelope Proteins in Replication and Pathogenesis

Stanimir Ivanov, Ph. D.
Assistant Professor


Major Research Interests: Immunity to vacuolar bacterial pathogens, pathogen discrimination pathways of the immune system, mechanisms of Legionella pathogenesis, biogenesis of the Legionella intracellular niche

Jeremy P. Kamil, Ph.D.
Associate Professor



Major Research Interests: Human cytomegalovirus replication, viral cyclin-dependent kinase mimicry, virus-cell interactions

Seong Kee Kim, Ph.D.
Research Assistant Professor


Major Research Interests: Gene expression and regulation of the two Alphaherpesviruses: Equine herpesvirus 1 (EHV-1) and varicella zoster virus (VZV) 

David J. McGee, Ph.D.
Associate Professor


Major Research Interests: Helicobacter pylori and Arcanobacterium haemolyticum Host-Pathogen Interactions

Martin I. Muggeridge, Ph.D.
Associate Professor


Major Research Interests: Molecular Biology of Herpesvirus Glycoproteins and Membrane Fusion

Dennis J. O'Callaghan, Ph.D.
Boyd Professor and Head


Major Research Interests: Herpesvirus Gene Regulation, Persistent Infection, and Pathogenesis

Kenneth M. Peterson, Ph.D.
Associate Professor


Major Research Interests: Molecular Pathogenesis and Intestinal Colonization by Vibrio cholerae and Cholera Vaccine Development

Martin J. Sapp, Ph.D.
Mingyu Ding Professor of Microbiology and Immunology


Major Research Interests: Virus Cell Interactions, Molecular Pathogenesis of Oncogenic Human Papillomaviruses

Rona S. Scott, Ph.D.
Associate Professor


Major Research Interests: Mechanisms for Epstein-Barr virus-mediated tumor progression

Matthew D. Woolard, Ph.D.
Associate Professor


Major Research Interests: Lipid metabolic regulation of macrophage function that contributes to disease pathogenesis.

Andrew D. Yurochko, Ph.D.
Professor and Carroll Feist Endowed Chair of Viral Oncology


Major Research Interests: Human Cytomegalovirus Dissemination, Persistence, and Disease